Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eraseme.exe method #2

Ok sorry guys in my last post which was years old i recommended using prevx for removing the virus and at that time it used to be free. Now its no longer free so that wouldn't work but i have some other powerful tools for you guys that are free. First and foremost clear your restore points - look up the method on google on how to do this. This way it will remove the virus from your memory. Next download CCleaner. This will fix your registry keys and delete and unusual changes (don't worry this won't take long 10-20 mins). Now go to microsoft's online scanner - liveone care and run a scan from there. If you're using vista - please right click on internet explorer and run as administrator before you open it up. You can also use trend micro's housecall online scanner and it's also free. I hope this helps you get rid of this nasty eraseme virus.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


If you have been affected by "eraseme.exe" or anything containing the term "erase me" you probably know by now that virus scanners such as Avast have failed to remove them permanently. In my particular case, everytime i connected to the internet, the virus got activated. I tried to delete it through the virus scanner but it always kept coming back. Following this virus, my virus scanner also said that C:system volume and system restore were affected by a virus.

There were two things i did to remove the virus. I know that it's gone because nothing about it shows up anymore.

First of all try turning off you system restore and then turning it back on. This will delete all the restore points where the virus might be hiding.

(system restore can be found in control panel>system>system restore. If you can't find system in control panel, switch to classic view.

Next use ad-aware(free program) and scan your computer. This will remove the registry keys.

If all fails, go to Google and type in "prevx" - This is a free virus scanner that will deep scan your computer and instantly remove the virus. You might also want to make this your permanent virus scanner because if it can get rid of tough viruses like eraseme.exe, it can get rid of almost any virus.

I hope this helps.